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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Egg Savers would like to thank the following:

Professor Ronci for his complicated yet admirable lessons and activities.

Joselle Feliciano for the Egg Saver's constume and accessories.

Berzlius Medical Group for the Egg Saver's wrinkle free skin.

The labanderas for washing the Egg Saver's clothes

The cooks for preparing the delectable 8 course meals.

Smart and Globe Telecommunications for the sending of the pictures

Nokia 3200 phones for the picture taking

Angelita Marañon for the 60 peso load sent to the Egg Savers around 12 midnight in order for them to send the pictures.

Mrs. Chicken, for providing Egglandia its humble hard-shelled residents

National Bookstore for the supplies

Edison Ice bag for duh, ice bags!

MSHS canteen for providing us with plastic bags

Rockport for the shoebox used during the first design

ISP Bonanza for 20 hours of Internet Access (P100)

The Egg SAVERS' Super Heroes aka Mom and Dad

ALVA Computer for the after-school blog-editing sessions

Maceda Building for being the site of the event

Maceda Bridge for supporting the weight of the droppers and the packages

Louis Abanador for his massive help in transferring the packages.

The Ground for remaining hard as always but becoming a soft pillow to our Eggy Friends.

GOD for EVERYTHING!! We owe our winnings to Him. Thank You Papa God!!!! üÜü

Group 2
4:34 AM

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's Show Time!!!

Today is the day of truth. Today is the day of wit. Today is the day when the world changes. Today will mark the end of an unbreakable egg-shelled past and the beginning of the fresh laid eggie future. today, the peole of Egglandia, the Egg Savers fight for one goal: Freedom, Life and Strength.

Today is the day when the brilliant complicated yet rather dashing Professor Ronci.

Today is the day when the Egg Savers would prove themselves worthy of being the guardians of the magnificent Egglandia.

The Egg Saviers readied their mighty weapons, the well designed package, their guts and their brave little egg friends.

When the clock struck 2:00, everyone panicked. A great gush of smoke emerged from the digital Physics room, Professor Ronci's lair.Other Egg savers (Group 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6) also started to panic! It was the moment of truth.

Would our package survive this deadly, dangerous and insurpassable ordeal?

We believe in our eggy friends.

So, the weighing began. Proudly speaking, our group got the lightest package, as planned, weighing a feather-like weight of 539 grams. This package contained, multiple ice bags stuck together and 6 small sized, raw, organic, chicken eggs.

Then, the dropping began.

Our group was the last to drop our package. Before us, 2 groups already got the perfect score: 6 survivors. If all our eggs survive, we will be technically declared the winners seeing that we had the lightest package.

And so, Egg Saver Maricar Lerin and Maricar Ricardos passed on the packae. Maricar Lerin was assigned to drop it. And so with all our prayers and faith, wedropped our mighty package. We were all praying that a miracle would save the eggs.

And with aloud thump and a turn, it landed on the ground. Professor Ronci immediately opened the box. Since the materials were made of plastic, broken eggs could be spotted easily. To no avail, Professor brought out one unbroken egg, then two, and three until it reached six. YES!!! ALL OUR DEAR EGGGY FRIENDS SURVIVED!! We were the winners!!!!

We Egg Savers proved our right to continue our task of saving and protecting Egglandia. And we are happy to be of service. Professor Ronci greeted us, " Pax et Bonum! You have conquered your fears and proved yourselves wothy of the responsibility of being Egglandia's protector. Congratulations!"

"Et cum espiritu tuo! We are very honored of this responsibility. We promise to take our skills to higher levels and improve our Egg saving powers!" we answered back.

And once again, the Day is saved thanks to the Egg Savers!

Unfortunately, we cannot post our wonderful pictures because it unexplainably messes up the Egglandia Layout. If you want to view the Egg Savers' Pictures

Click here

Remember that as long as there is an egg shell on the chicken egg of justice, every eggy will be safe and uncracked.

Group 2
4:12 AM

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Move. Egg Savers! Move!

Today is the second day of our fantastic heroic days! Of course, being the cute, powerful, egg-loving and friendly Egg Savers we brought the materials assigned to each and every one. Of course, we had our powerful shoe box base, the great ice bags and the majestic Eggie, our beloved egg friend.

But then, Dr. Time, the Egg Saver's archnemesis, prevented Egg Saver Chrissy from buying the secret weapon. The BUBBLE WRAP! And so, evil triumphed over Egglandia. It lasted for hours, and hours until Egg Saver Maricar Ricardos came to the rescue.

"Let's use the great ice bags instead of the bubble wrap!" she said

"Huh? How can that be?" her fellow Egg Savers answered

"Well, you see. My brother, Professor Ricardos, a well known Physicist, suggested the idea. The air would give the bags its cushion like form. Thus, it can serve as an alternative to the bubble wrap and foam. And besides, it's a lot lighter than our original materials" she replied

"You're right! Let's try it!" the Egg Savers replied

And so our trusty heroes proceeded to work on their new design.

Here is the new Design

Fig. 2

But sadly.. Our little friend, Eggie met his maker. He joined the others in the land over the rainbow. Of course, we Egg Savers were lamenting over his sudden and painful departing. So we all worked together to make our design work the next time! Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow we will meet our greatest rival, Professor Ronci. He will be the judge of our heroic acts! We all hope that our six little egg friends: Eggy, Egie, Eegy, Eegie, Eggiee and Eggiie, survive tomorrows heart breaking ordeal.

We pray for the Supreme Egg Saver's guidance over us.

Group 2
3:26 AM

Monday, October 03, 2005

Day one: The Challenge!

Today is the day. Today is just one good day.

Oh yes! Just one good day! Today is the day when our Physics Teacher, Mr. Ronald Arcilla assigned each group an Egg Drop Project. It was to be tested on Tuesday and performed on Wedenesday. The stakes were pretty high considering the reward for the winners: One perfect experiment which costs 10% in the average grade and two perfect quizzes.

The Egg Drop Experiment has been performed by students all over the globe. It has been a standard in science instruction for many years. Essentially, students are asked to construct some type of container that will keep a raw egg from cracking when dropped from ever-increasing elevations. But with some further thought, this activity can be both engaging and completely in accordance with the
National Science Education Standards developed by the National Research Council in 1995.

Well, these plainly are the rules:

1. The main objective of the experiment is to drop a package containing 6 eggs from the Maceda Building Bridge which is three storeys high without breaking the eggs.
2. The winner will be based on the most number of surviving eggs.
3. If ever there is a tie, the group with the lightest package wins.
4. No apparatus may be attached to the box.
5. Fluids may not be used.

So given a short five minute group talk, our group plans our design. Our original design was to place foam inside a box, and put bubble wrap around the egg. Our group also wanted to put divisions in the box in order to prevent the eggs from hitting each other.

See figure 1.1

This WAS our group's original plan

When dismissal time came, we assigned each member the materials to bring for tomorrow's test drop.

Maricar Lerin was assigned to bring the foam. Leslie was assigned to bring the box/ shoe box, Chrissy was assigned to bring the bubble wrap, Nialyn and Jonas were tasked to bring ice bags and Maricar Ricardos was assigned to bring the cardboard for divisions.

We were all assigned by Mr. Arcilla to research some ideas for the Egg Drop Experiment. He gave us some sites on the Physics group:Mechanics_masci

Group 2
6:48 AM


Egglandia is the mystical world where in every egg can live, move, work and play without having the fear of being cracked, broken or cooked for breakfast. Equipped with its magical rainbows and never setting sun, egglandia becomes the perfect home for eggs. Aside from that, Egglandia has its own super heroes, the EGG SAVERS. The Egg Savers are the people responsible for protecting every single egg in Egglandia. It is their job to prevent evil egg crackers and 3 foot high school bridges from cracking and breaking the eggs. They do it all with the help of their trusty sidekick, the Egg Package!


Egglandia is a blog created by Manila Science High School Thir Year Students studying Physics under Mr. Ronald Arcilla. This blog was created to creatively present their Egg Drop Experiment, its parts and results.


Group 2: III-Berzelius
*Third Year Students of Manila Science High School
*Currently studying Physics under Mr. Ronald Arcilla
*Finished performing the Egg Drop Experiment



*Eroles, Nialyn M.
(The Chemistry Queen)
*Lerin, Maricar T.
(The Physics Whiz)
*Marcelino, Mary Chrissy B.
(The Athlete)
*Ricardos, Maricar T.
(The Math Whiz)
*Santelices, Leslie Anne G.
(The Writer)
*Cura, Jonas M.
(The Math and Geography Whiz)



To perform the Egg drop experiment

To have the most number of surviving eggs

To have the lightest package possible


Download the ORIGINAL
Egg Savers'
Movie Presentatioon

(right click on the image and click save target as)
Our Powerpoint Presentation


|Group 6|
|Group 4| |Abychu|



|The Rules|
|Bombs Away!|
|Let's Drop It!|
|Egg Drop|







October 2005


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